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Noise and Vibration

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High levels of vibration can be hazardous to structure, machinery and personnel.  High noise levels could also cause permanent hearing loss.  Our services enable pre-emptive identification of noise and vibration issues, saving businesses the need for costly, disruptive solutions later.


With our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we are able to value-add to noise and vibration design for offshore and onshore installations, environmental impact assessment, workplace noise and vibration, engineering trouble shooting and control as well as policy and regulations.


Our consultants actively engage both legislators and industry groups to promote a common understanding of the relevant policy, regulations and best practice.  This empowers us to develop cost-effective, industry wide solutions customisable to individual client needs.


Affinity has been involved in a wide range of noise and vibration studies and assessments that serve oil and gas, marine, urban development, energy, transportation and petrochemical industries.  Clients include Petronas, Shell Brunei LNG and the National Environment Agency of Singapore.


We also assist major shipyards in assessing noise and vibration levels. We have done so for clients who manufacture offshore installations and vessels such as Keppel FELS, Jurong Shipyard, Keppel Singmarine, COSCO and Saipem.