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Risk and Safety Training 


Affinity provides training that addresses client needs to educate their workforce on basic safety standards and developing effective risk management.  Our customisable courses empower employees and management to identify and mitigate potential hazards across complex processes and operations. Our coursework includes the rigorous analysis of possible hazards or operability issues, and competence in recommending amendments and safeguards to improve safety in plant, process and equipment.


Noise and Vibration Management Training


Awareness of the effects of noise and vibration issues has grown – and along with it, associated changes in legislation and regulations. Designers, planners, operators and regulatory authorities today find themselves faced with the challenge to combat the impact of noise and vibration in operations, processes and environment.


Affinity provides training that enables your workforce to plan competently and make informed decisions in dealing with noise and vibration.


Our customisable curriculum includes:


  • 1) Basic theory and fundamentals
  • 2) Current regulations, standards and guidelines
  • 4) Noise assessment for various noise sources
  • 5) Practical mitigation and control measures
  • 6) Noise and vibration measurement and monitoring
  • 7) Noise modelling and prediction
  • 8) Effective mitigation measures